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Translators are a waste of space

Uploaded on 01.09.2013. Reversible text. Written and performed by Erik Skuggevik for The Norwegian Association of Literary Translators. Produced by Iver Grimstad.


We offer our clients translations into, and out of, all European languages. If you would like to be included in our freelance translator database, please fill in our form. We will get in touch with you should a project arise matching your profile.

Our requirements

In our experience, only native speakers are able to supply translations of the high quality demanded by our customers. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule, but please bear this in mind when submitting your registration. In addition to high-quality translations, we also expect in-depth familiarity with all MS Office applications and CAT tools (primarily Trados).

Line prices

We demand top quality translations and are prepared to pay accordingly. We pay for 55 characters per line of the target text (source text for Asian languages), and lines are calculated using the count function in MS Word. As this is a somewhat controversial matter in the translator community, please read on here.