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What our clients say... : Ian Diggance Übersetzungen

Ihr Fachpartner in Hamburg für technische Übersetzungen Deutsch-Englisch

What our clients say



A reliable and proficient partner, Mr Diggance has become an integral part of our day-to-day business. He has been supplying us with technical translations of our product documentation for more than 10 years: stylistically outstanding, technically perfect and always on schedule.

Sensitive and enterprise-critical documents are also handled with the requisite discretion.

Arrangements and special requests are dealt with in an uncomplicated and unbureaucratic manner. Working with Mr Diggance is simply a pleasure and is marked by fairness, diligence and quality. (Würzburg, client since 2001)

Fraunhofer IOSB

Fraunhofer IOSB, Karlsruhe

A proficient translation agency that is pleased to accommodate its client's requests and is capable of expertly overcoming any technical problems that may arise. (Karlsruhe, client since 2013)

independIT Integrative Technologies GmbH

independIT Integrative Technologies GmbH

The open source launch of our Enterprise Job Scheduling System required the documentation to be translated into English.

Mr Diggance was recommended to us, in particular on the basis of his experience with technical translations.

In the past we had already attempted to find a translation agency capable of handling our document format (LaTeX). This proved to be practically impossible.

For Mr Diggance, on the other hand, processing this format presented no problems at all. And a pragmatic solution was also quickly forthcoming to resolve the complication that the basis for the documentation comprised a large number of files (almost 2000).

The translation is so good, in fact, in our opinion the English documentation is now better than the original German.

Ultimately, the full translation of the around 1,000 pages took longer than originally anticipated. This was mainly due to the fact that we both underestimated the complexity of the files involved. However, small translations that were required in between were accomplished very quickly.

To summarise: Our collaboration with Mr Diggance is charactised by a high standard of quality, tremendous flexibility and extremely pleasant and satisfying communication. (Schrobenhausen, client since 2013)

Solving Bridge

Solving Bridge

During the past ten years or so we have repeatedly engaged Mr Diggance to translate new website contents, marketing material and user manuals for different companies.

Throughout this time, Mr Diggance has always supported us in a very reliable, fast and uncomplicated manner. Not only are deadlines adhered to without fail, but he frequently delivers well before scheduled. We have always quickly reached an agreement with regard to commercial matters as well. I can unreservedly recommend Mr Diggance for translations in the fields of sales, marketing and technical documentation. (Heerliberg (Switzerland), client since 2005)



We have been a client of Mr Diggance for several years and are more than satisfied with his work. Mr Diggance takes care of all the translations for EASYCODE, and in doing so is exceedingly thorough and always punctual. We receive much praise from our customers in English-speaking countries for the extremely specific, technical translations (software development environment, product specifications, user manuals, etc.). (Nuremberg, client since 2006)

Saskia Kühner
Vertrieb / Sales

Securikett Ulrich & Horn GmbH


The English translation is outstanding. Stylistically I think it's at least as good as our German text, and it could certainly be used as the basis for translations into other languages.
I didn't read it all in great detail once I had realised just how good, in my opinion, the quality of the English text is. (Wiener Neudorf/Austria, customer since 2014)

Kulturamt Lindau

Kulturamt Lindau

From website content and press dossiers through to exhibition catalogues - Mr Diggance has translated all the texts required for our cultural projects since 2011 incisively and with sensitivity, as well as exceedingly quickly and reliably, if not to say superbly. The price-performance ratio is outstanding, and we will continue working together with him in the future with the greatest of pleasure. (Lindau/B, client since 2011)

BKR Softwareberatung und -entwicklung GmbH

BKR Software

We have enjoyed an excellent and reliable cooperation with Mr Diggance for several years now. Extremely good and precise translations are particularly crucial in a software environment, while technical translations in other fields are always delivered punctually and to the utmost satisfaction of our clients. (Nuremberg, client since 2007)

fun communications GmbH

fun communications

fun communications GmbH has been procuring its translations from German into English from Mr Diggance for many years.

Translation orders are processed professionally, straightforwardly, quickly (even at very short notice if required) and exceedingly proficiently. It is always a pleasure to do business with him. We wish Mr Diggance much success and look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future. (Karlsruhe, client since 2000)

Lindau Municipal Archives

Stadtarchiv Lindau/B

In 2013, the Former Free Imperial City Library in Lindau on Lake Constance was reorganised to improve public access to this unique constituent element of Lindau's documentary heritage. The measures that were undertaken included the installation of presentation panels, for which the main content was to be translated into English. We entrusted this task to Mr Diggance on the recommendation of our Cultural Office – and we were not to be disappointed.

Quite on the contrary: Within a very short space of time, Mr Diggance provided us with exceedingly perceptive translations which clearly demonstrated just how intensively he had occupied himself with the style and content of our texts, and how deeply he had "immersed" himself into this, not exactly run-of-the-mill subject matter. And the fee for this quality was nothing less than fair!

We will certainly be requiring several more translations during the course of this project. I am looking forward to being able to work together with Mr Diggance again in the near future. (Lindau/B, client since 2013)

Cellent Finance Solutions GmbH

Cellent Finance Solutions GmbH

Our collaboration with Ian Diggance Übersetzungen is characterised by reliability, punctuality and quality. (Stuttgart, client since 2003)